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Gifts Through Your Employer

  • Payroll Deduction
    The simplest (and most painless) way for many of us to manage our gift giving is with an easy payroll deduction. Each year United Way, the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) and other charitable campaigns give working people the opportunity to decide how to allocate payroll deductions or make a one-time contribution at work. You can direct your United Way contribution to NGRR by way of a Donor Option card. Ask your employer for one of these cards, and United Way will direct your contribution to NGRR.
  • Matching Gift
    Over 6,000 companies encourage their employees' philanthropy through a matching gift program whereby your employer will match your individual donations. This generous program doubles, and sometimes triples, your donation to NGRR. Ask your human resources department if your employer has such a program. If so, you will be given a matching gift form to send to NGRR with your donation-and we'll do the rest!