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We have had the pleasure of having beautiful Tabitha is our home for almost two months now. We are not joking when we say we will be sad to see her go, she is so loving and a real cuddle bug. At almost six years old, she is a wonderful balance of playful, energetic, and calm. She enjoys her on leash walks twice a day, in fact, as soon as she sees us picking up her harness, she gets super excited. She does really well in the car, and loves to go for a ride. She knows how to sit, shake hands, and lie down. She almost never barks. She eats without being fussy or picky, and has lost close to seven pounds which she really needed to lose. She is in wonderful shape! She is not particularly fond of little dogs, especially ones that rush into her space and don't understand polite dog behavior. We did not need a crate with Tabitha, she sleeps on our bed, or on the floor next to us on her own bed. She is potty trained, and prefers to be left in the house when we go out. One of her naughty talents is that she will jump up to see what goodies she can find from the counters in the kitchen, and if anything smells particularly tantalizing, she will grab it. She has worked her way into our home and hearts, and we will miss her. Through proper introduction, Tabitha enjoys playing with big dogs. She does not particularly like small dogs and therefore can not be placed in her forever home with small dogs.