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We have truly enjoyed having Sarah in our home these past few weeks, she is a sweet, good-natured, beautiful girl. She is fully house trained, and will let you know when she needs to be let outside. Sarah gets along well with other dogs, no matter their size. She enjoys her regular visits to the local dog park. She runs (fast!) chasing, and learning more and more how to play with the other dogs. She patrols our yard intensely, looking for cats and squirrels that, in her opinion, have no place in her world. We have also been walking the neighborhood every day. Sarah does need some leash training with learning to not pull on her leash. She is currently being introduced to the gentle lead style leash which should greatly reduce this habit. She will bark when she sees another dog, however, as she gets used to being out in the world, we have seen a reduction of this behavior. We have been taking her with us as often as we can so that she can be introduced to more experiences. This seems to be making her more comfortable and content. She enjoys her two meals a day, requiring no enticement to eat her food. She is a gentle girl when she becomes settled, and at the end of the day when it’s time to “go to bed” she heads to her blanket for a long sleep.
Look how beautiful I am...I came into rescue with only 25% of my golden fur. In 5 weeks I am on the road to recovery and so happy.